Link + Internet

“Since we started using Cogent, this has brought us many improvements.” – Alan Prado, Link + Internet


Link + Internet is an Internet Service Provider based in São Paulo, Brazil.

"The traffic exceeded our expectations. We did not imagine that there would be that amount, but we configured our network so that it always chose the best routes, and Cogent is the one most often chosen. That means that your route is better. Since we started using Cogent, this has brought us many improvements. For customers who play online and for those who have services hosted outside of Brazil, for example, latency has dropped. Streaming services outside of Brazil have also seen a great improvement. We expected that this would be the effect on the network, and this was only confirmed. Our traffic has improved a lot, and I believe that when Brazilian companies realize the importance of having a dedicated international traffic provider, they will look for Cogent consistently." - Alan Prado, Link + Internet