EndLayer, LLC

“Cogent enables us to sell a very high - quality connection at a cost that keeps us profitable.”
– Kevin Resendes, EndLayer, LLC

EndLayer, LLC (EndLayer) is a managed web-hosting provider that primarily serves small and medium businesses. The company offers cloud and bare metal servers backed by a world-class managed service support team. Their primary bandwidth utilization is serving customers’ websites and application-use such as e-mail and ERP systems.

EndLayer’s previous provider was a popular blended bandwidth provider. After deciding their network would be best if positioned directly with a tier-1 provider rather than hopping through a provider’s blend, EndLayer made the switch to Cogent.

The web-hosting provider chose Cogent based on peer reviews and independent research regarding Cogent’s quality connectivity at a reasonable cost to review networks, which is where their customers’ primary audience is.

Since making the switch, Cogent has helped EndLayer scale their bandwidth and provide their customers with a high-quality connection at a cost that enables profit. Furthermore, in the rare event of an issue, all calls to Cogent’s support team are met by an active, prepared, knowledgeable engineer that can promptly provide a solution.