Cristo Rey Network

“Cogent provides the reliable Internet connection imperative to all of our operations so we can provide the support our schools expect.”
– Mark Bazin, Cristo Rey Network

The Cristo Rey Network is a network of high schools across the U.S. that serves students from households with limited economic resources. The Network utilizes a unique corporate work-study model to provide students with a college-preparatory education and exceptional work experiences at blue-ribbon companies. The Cristo Rey Network’s national office in Chicago supports the schools, their faculty and staff, and students.

Bandwidth is imperative to the Network’s national office as it operates entirely online – all applications are cloud-based and video conferencing is critical due to the Network’s national footprint. The Network also understands their operations require a reliable Internet connection in order provide the expected support to their schools. For these reasons, Cristo Rey has remained a loyal customer since 2008 thanks to Cogent’s quality of service and support.